Get That Money Honey Misting Diffuser Oil

Get That Money Honey Misting Diffuser Oil

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Notes: Sandalwood, Leather, Cardamom
Looking to achieve your goals? Get That Money Honey is here to help! With an enticing blend of sandalwood, leather, and cardamom, this fragrance will boost your confidence and have you in control. So go ahead and Get That Money Honey!
Light Scent 40%
Strong Scent 60%
How to use me 💛

For me to get to work, I'll need a water diffuser. When filling your water diffuser, make sure to use temperate water so I can condense. 

Use the glass dropper to collect my contents and drop around 5-10 beads into the water. Give it a little swirl 🌀.

The number of drops you use will relate to the size of your room. Sit back and relax, allowing my fragrance to fill the space in minutes.

I’m made from 🥣

I’ve been created with a magical concoction of ingredients:

Fragrance Oil – Formulated without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates

Poly 80 – Emulsifies and sticks our fragrance oil to the water, creating an even, more concentrated scent.

For more info about my maker’s ingredients, take a look here.

Recycle me ♻️

Because of the high level of concentration, you’ll find you need only a small amount of me to fill the room with my fragrance. That’s why I last much longer than you expected. But when you are all-out, please rinse me out and recycle.

Save the world 🌍

As I fill the room with my scent, I’ll take the world off your shoulders by helping our planet repopulate our trees. When you take me home, you’ll actively fight against deforestation by planting a new tree somewhere in the world. Learn more about our Buy One, Plant One campaign by clicking here.

  • High-quality Ingredients
  • Long-lasting Scents
  • Clean Formulas
  • Sustainably Made
A tree is planted with every purchase 🌳

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I have this in my home and it stops guests in their tracks when they get a whiff! The name is so accurate - the leather in this formulation is next-level luxury. A friend told me my home smells expensive, no complaints here.