You’re Cereal-ously The Best Perfume Oil

You’re Cereal-ously The Best Perfume Oil

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Notes: Lemon, Berry, Milk
An irresistible scent that takes you back to your childhood. Mornings in your comfiest PJs watching cartoons with a giant bowl of your favorite cereal in your hand. A sweet blend of lemon, berry, and milk, this scent reminds us how great it is to be alive and happy!
Light Scent 65%
Strong Scent 35%
Make the most out of me 🧡

I’m super concentrated, so I’ll last all day.

Get creative with scent layering and apply your favorite body butter before applying me. Or layer the same scent for the ultimate fragrance moment.

I’m made of 🥣

I’ve been created with a whole heap of love and some extra scented goodness.

Apricot Oil – Deeply nourishing for dry skin with long-lasting hydration properties.
Safflower Oil – Softens skin with anti-inflammatory properties.
Coconut Oil – Excellent stress reliever and provides relief for sensitive skin conditions.
Fragrance Oil – Formulated without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates

My makers are proud to say all of their ingredients at Sun Kissed and Co are sustainable, vegan, and cruelty-free. You can check them out here.

Recycle me ♻️

Because our perfume oils are so highly concentrated, only a small amount is needed for daily use. Long-lasting in every sense: you won’t need to head back to grab a new perfume oil for 7-8 months.

But when you do need a new perfume oil, please recycle your container to help the planet heal.

Save the world 🌍

I do more than produce a highly concentrated fragrance throughout the day. When you take me home, you’ll be fighting for reforestation. Learn more about our Buy One, Plant One campaign by clicking here.

  • High-quality Ingredients
  • Long-lasting Scents
  • Clean Formulas
  • Sustainably Made
A tree is planted with every purchase 🌳

Customer Reviews

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I picked up this scent at a booth where they had samples to smell and instantly fell in love with it.
This smells like cereal and my brain is like what?? but also it's incredible how they can get the scent so perfectly down.
This is my favorite perfume now. It's become a pick me up in the middle of my workday because it smells like comfort and nostalgia. Thank you for making this, I'm a customer for this scent as long as you are making it :)