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Meet the Maker

Kimberly and her family have struggled with migraines triggered by overly scented products. This ignited the inception of Sun Kissed & Co., a sustainable fragrance company made for people with sensitive noses.

Journey into Product Formulation

Spring 2021

Kimberly taught herself how to formulate products like perfumes, candles, and body butters. She developed her products with the goal to captivate the senses without being overpowering to senstive noses.

Planting for Change

November 21, 2021

Committed to making a positive impact, Kimberly established the Buy One, Plant One program on November 21, 2021. Through this initiative, Sun Kissed & Co. plants a tree for every online and in-person purchase to fight climate change on a global scale.

Connecting Locally

May 28, 2022

Sun Kissed & Co. achieved another milestone when Kimberly was accepted to her local farmers market. This provided a valuable platform for her to connect directly with customers and to showcase her fragrances.

Partnership with Fragrance House

October 11, 2022

After a year-long search, Kimberly secured a partnership with a fragrance house that aligns with her brand’s values. Drawing inspiration from her personal experiences and imagination, Kimberly now works with her UK based fragrance house to create fun and unique scents like Enlighten-mint and Orange You Amazing.


Sun Kissed & Co. remains committed to its ethos of sustainability, ensuring that all creations are vegan, cruelty-free, and composed of sustainable ingredients. Every product is hand-filled and made in small batches.

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  • You’re Cereal-ously The Best Candle
    You’re Cereal-ously The Best Candle
    You’re Cereal-ously The Best Candle
    You’re Cereal-ously The Best Candle

    You’re Cereal-ously The Best Candle


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