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Best scent ever!

Everytime I put this on, everyone always compliments me on it. “Wow you smell so good”. I love it. It doesnt smelly too flowery, which I don’t like. It’s a neutral scent that both men and women are drawn to.

Love it!

I had originally bought “Shawty you’re booty-ful” candle, love the scent! My friend’s birthday is coming up and had to buy a candle but this time went with “You are my sunshine.” I should’ve bought two because I love this scent too!


Me: “Do you think this scent will get me laid?”
Friend: “Oh 100%”
I literally cannot explain the smell of this perfume oil but it smells SO GOOD! Talk about a scent that just sticks to the skin. I love perfume but it’s so hard to get it to stick and really create a scent. Get That Money Honey not only smells divine, but it literally stays on all day. I put it on my neck, the back of my ears, and on my arms and I feel like I just radiate good energy. It seriously boosts my outward presentation.

It’s my newest staple scent and I quite literally will not turn back LOL y’all are stuck with me.

My New Main Squeeze!

I stumbled upon Sun Kissed & Co. on Sunday during Sol Blume. At that time I had cuts on my fingers due to excessive scratching caused by eczema. It is now Tuesday and my hands feel smoother, the cuts are all healed and the inflammation has calmed way down! Thank you! This is definitely my new main squeeze!

Body Butter Blessing

Ok so scent & texture: the pear is subtle and sweet but also smells really clean/fresh. Love the texture, super soft and absorbs well.

I have a lot full color tattoos and this stuff gives the best tattoo balms a serious run for their money. My skin and tattoos are vibrant and moisturized after using it. I’ve been using it on a healing tattoo and it’s helped tremendously with redness and flakiness. This product feels like a true skin conditioner, I am just so soft afterwards. I already can’t wait to buy more ❤️

Shop local!

My favorite smell!

Love the candles from Sun Kissed & Co. They have some very fun scents. They also last a long time. Bought one for myself, but would be a great gift.


This is the candle I am constantly lighting and this is my favorite scent you carry!

Bee Ready To Inspire Candle
Be ready to inspire

Smell is very subtle, but after we clean our home, I love to light it and let the smell take over our kitchen!

Smells floral with a hint of warm vanilla

Initially I bought it for me but my friend smelled it and loved the scent so I ended up gifting it to her :D she's super happy with it!

You're My Sunshine Body Butter
Lingering scent, moisturizing formula

I have this in my desk at work and I can't believe how well this scent lingers! My coworker came into my office and mentioned it smelled like an upscale department store, but I had applied the butter such a long time prior I almost forgot! It moisturizes my very dry skin, cuticles, and makes my tattoos look great. Love this product.

My favorite candle of all time

My most cherished candle! I tend to get headaches if scents are too strong or smell like chemicals, but this candle fills my living room in the best way. Cozy Tahoe cabin vibes that you can't miss, but never overpowering. Also, the candle lasts a very long time!

Get That Money Honey Misting Diffuser Oil

I have this in my home and it stops guests in their tracks when they get a whiff! The name is so accurate - the leather in this formulation is next-level luxury. A friend told me my home smells expensive, no complaints here.

My Signature Scent

My new signature scent! There are no words to describe how incredible this smells, I am high-key addicted. Comforting and earthy, multiple friends have purchased this after smelling it on me. The oil lingers but is not overpowering - perfection.

Smelly, but in the best way!

This candle smells great! It's fruity and strong. I love it!


I am obsessed with Shawty, and the consistency of this body butter is to-dah-for! My skin feels so smooth when I use this! As a bonus, my eczema is much happier too!

You’re My Main Squeeze Candle

You’re Cereal-ously The Best Misting Diffuser Oil


I love this scent, it's perfect for Autumn or anytime honestly. It's subtle but long lasting so people smell on me all day long, I like to reapply in the middle of the day because it smells so good!! The size is perfect to carry with me all day

Rose & Conquer Candle
Liliana Ramos
I'm Obsessed

Rose is my favorite scent in the world and this candle elevates it with the plum and vanilla combination. It's warm and romantic and I adore the reusable container it comes in. Stunning

Shawty You're Booty-ful Cuticle Oil
Liliana Ramos
My New Best Friend

I love this cuticle oil! I wasn't used to the roll on at first since I've used brush on oils before but the roll on saves so much product, I've been using this multiple times a day for over a week and it still looks brand new & unused. The scent and texture are wonderful 10/10

You’re Cereal-ously The Best Body Butter
Better than CeraVe

I have sensitive skin and have stayed away from scented anything on my skin for years.. This body butter is my holy grail! I can finally have all the scents I love in my moisturizer without irritating my skin or leaving it dry. It worked way better than CeraVe did for my eczema, it leaves me feeling hydrated all day, and the scents actually last ALL DAY! I recommend this product to anyone struggling with dry and sensitive skin.

Rose & Conquer Cuticle Oil
beautiful scent & amazing ingredients!

so happy that this nail oil doesn't have any filler mineral oil! jojoba & vitamin E are always the ones i look for in a good oil. the scent is also to DIE for! i normally don't like rose scents, but this has a complexity and sweetness that doesn't make it overwhelming.

Be-leaf In Yourself Candle
Audra Rutz
Love It!

💜💜💜💜💜💜 I have it my home office and just 💜💜💜💜💜💜

You’re Cereal-ously The Best Cuticle Oil
Sarah Lawrence

Love this scent! And the oil is phenomenal! It actually soaks in and leaves my skin happy!