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Rose & Conquer Perfume Oil
Colleen Hernandez
Beautiful scent

This is a lovely soft rose scent. The addition of plum and vanilla gives it a gourmand vibe on the dry down. I don't typically like rose perfume from department stores because there's something in them that gives me headaches, but with this perfume I don't have that problem at all. I am glad I bought it and the seller is the sweetest person ever.

I live the fresh scent of this lovely lemony perfume. My daughter loves it too!

Squeeze The Day Candle
Princezz Rodriguez
I haven’t received my order

I haven’t received my order yet despite paying for shipping so it’ll arrive on time. I’m in another state and my package still hasn’t arrived. Disappointing.


I'm sorry to hear about the delay with your order, especially since you needed it before your trip. After reviewing your order, I can confirm it was shipped out on the same day it was placed via the default USPS Ground Advantage, as selected. I'm pleased to inform you that the package has now been delivered.

I have also sent you an email to follow up. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Smells so pretty!

I’m all about supporting local businesses and especially this one because I love all her products.

I like the smell. It smells fresh but doesn’t last very long. It’s little expensive for the size of the roller.

Its my forever squeeze

I bought this at the Fort Mason Craft fair in San Francisco December 2023.

I love this cream for the moisture to my heals and hands. The soles of my feet are baby soft. My heals have no cracks nor chapped skin.

I love the smell.

Shawty you da bomb.

I am obsessed with the Shawty scent! It's perfect. The scent travels around my house when I burn these candles! They make great gifts (mostly for myself)!

Travel Tins Candles
Sarah Plante
Shawty you da bomb.

I am obsessed with the Shawty scent! It's perfect. The scent travels around my house when I burn these candles! They make great gifts!


I'm very sensitive to perfume smells in general and typically never wear it myself (I also get very nauseous just when other people around me wear it). But I tried these in person and was so pleasantly surprised by them! They smell so wonderful! I bought three and my favorite is definitely ,"you're cereal-ously the best"! Not to be dramatic but an INSTANT serotonin boost every time I put this on. Smells exactly like fruit loops if you like that scent! Lasts pretty much all day and I'm pretty active and sweat throughout the whole day at work. I could go on forever about them! They are great, highly recommend. :)

My New Favorite Perfume!

I use this perfume daily. I never thought I would want to smell like sugary cereal in my normal life, but now I can’t leave the house without rolling it on. The wear time is just decent, but since the bottle is so compact and easy to carry, I don’t mind bringing it with me and re-applying. I also have the pomegranate scent which I gave to my mom as a gift and she adores it just as much as I adore the cereal scent. 10/10 would buy again! (Plus, the customer service is fantastic! I met the owner at a craft fair and she was absolutely lovely to speak with!)

Another hit!

Amazing scent for a friend that doesn't like Vanilla tones. It is crisp and clean and not overpowering. It came with a handwritten note by the sweet owner. 10/10 will buy all her scents again.

Best perfume to date!

I originally bought this scent at a farmer's market and ended up giving it to my bestie. Ordered it again and it is just as amazing as I remember. Soft, beautiful scent that is not overpowering. 10/10 would buy again.


I picked up this scent at a booth where they had samples to smell and instantly fell in love with it.
This smells like cereal and my brain is like what?? but also it's incredible how they can get the scent so perfectly down.
This is my favorite perfume now. It's become a pick me up in the middle of my workday because it smells like comfort and nostalgia. Thank you for making this, I'm a customer for this scent as long as you are making it :)

All 3 scents that I bought are amazing! Subtle scent, not overwhelming, and all so different! Great small business owner. She sent a handwritten thank you card with my order. Very pleased and I know the people receiving will fall in love as well.

Best scent ever!

Everytime I put this on, everyone always compliments me on it. “Wow you smell so good”. I love it. It doesnt smelly too flowery, which I don’t like. It’s a neutral scent that both men and women are drawn to.

Love it!

I had originally bought “Shawty you’re booty-ful” candle, love the scent! My friend’s birthday is coming up and had to buy a candle but this time went with “You are my sunshine.” I should’ve bought two because I love this scent too!


Me: “Do you think this scent will get me laid?”
Friend: “Oh 100%”
I literally cannot explain the smell of this perfume oil but it smells SO GOOD! Talk about a scent that just sticks to the skin. I love perfume but it’s so hard to get it to stick and really create a scent. Get That Money Honey not only smells divine, but it literally stays on all day. I put it on my neck, the back of my ears, and on my arms and I feel like I just radiate good energy. It seriously boosts my outward presentation.

It’s my newest staple scent and I quite literally will not turn back LOL y’all are stuck with me.

My New Main Squeeze!

I stumbled upon Sun Kissed & Co. on Sunday during Sol Blume. At that time I had cuts on my fingers due to excessive scratching caused by eczema. It is now Tuesday and my hands feel smoother, the cuts are all healed and the inflammation has calmed way down! Thank you! This is definitely my new main squeeze!

We Are Pear-fect Body Butter
Body Butter Blessing

Ok so scent & texture: the pear is subtle and sweet but also smells really clean/fresh. Love the texture, super soft and absorbs well.

I have a lot full color tattoos and this stuff gives the best tattoo balms a serious run for their money. My skin and tattoos are vibrant and moisturized after using it. I’ve been using it on a healing tattoo and it’s helped tremendously with redness and flakiness. This product feels like a true skin conditioner, I am just so soft afterwards. I already can’t wait to buy more ❤️

Shop local!

My favorite smell!

Love the candles from Sun Kissed & Co. They have some very fun scents. They also last a long time. Bought one for myself, but would be a great gift.


This is the candle I am constantly lighting and this is my favorite scent you carry!

Bee Ready To Inspire Candle
Be ready to inspire

Smell is very subtle, but after we clean our home, I love to light it and let the smell take over our kitchen!

Smells floral with a hint of warm vanilla

Initially I bought it for me but my friend smelled it and loved the scent so I ended up gifting it to her :D she's super happy with it!

You're My Sunshine Body Butter
Sylvia Pham
Lingering scent, moisturizing formula

I have this in my desk at work and I can't believe how well this scent lingers! My coworker came into my office and mentioned it smelled like an upscale department store, but I had applied the butter such a long time prior I almost forgot! It moisturizes my very dry skin, cuticles, and makes my tattoos look great. Love this product.