We Are Pear-fect Perfume

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Notes: Pear, Apple, Sugar

This fragrance is bright, juicy, and crisp. It will transport you back to summer vacation when freshly sliced pears and apples fill the kitchen with a delightful sweetness. Inspired by cherished memories of fresh-cut fruit lovingly prepared by my maternal grandmother, "We Are Pear-fect" captures the essence of those tender moments, evoking the nostalgic aroma of ripe pears and crisp apples.

Light Scent 25%
Strong Scent 75%
Unlock the Fragrance Magic 🌟

I'm not your average fragrance; I'm a powerhouse of pure scent, and I don't mess around with water. That means no dilution, just concentrated magic in every drop! Get ready to play with scent layering.

Try applying your favorite body butter before me or double up on the same scent for an epic fragrance journey.

My Recipe for Pure Bliss 🥣

I'm a creation born from a whole lot of love and extra-scented goodness.

My makers are proud to say all of their ingredients at Sun Kissed & Co. are sustainable, vegan, and cruelty-free. You can check them out here.

Alcohol – The lively spirit that makes our fragrances dance and linger.
Fragrance Oil – A symphony of aromatic notes, crafted with meticulous care.

Recycle and Refresh ♻️

My concentrated power means a little goes a long way. One bottle will be your fragrant companion for months on end. When it's time for a refill, be an eco-hero and recycle the container. Help us heal the planet.

Scent for a Cause 🌎

I'm not just about smelling fabulous all day; I'm on a mission to make the world a greener, happier place. When you take me home, you're joining the reforestation revolution! Discover the magic behind our Buy One, Plant One campaign right here.

I'm not just a pretty bottle; I'm your ally in reforestation. Discover how your purchase supports our Buy One, Plant One campaign and becomes a tree-saving mission here.

  • High-quality Ingredients
  • Long-lasting Scents
  • Clean Formulas
  • Sustainably Made
A tree is planted with every purchase 🌳

Customer Reviews

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Vicki Chen
Refreshing, authentic pear scent

This is the perfect true pear scent that is lightly sweet and very refreshing! I love that it doesn't smell syrupy or dry down to something less fruity - you can smell the pear throughout the full wear time. I had been looking for authentic fruit scents that weren't overpowered by other notes, especially as the weather warms up, and I prefer this (and some other scents from here) to my designer perfumes!